Experienced and dedicated professional catering company Bexleyheath, South East London. We passionately believe that great food should be for everyone, offering menus to suit meat eaters and veggies alike. Our influences are primarily British, French, Asian and Italian. We offer traditional alongside contemporary and will also design/advise on menus to suit tastes, styles and budgets. At the Red and Green Buffet Company we offer the very best in catering service. Whatever the occasion we will make your event go smoothly.

Types of catering available with Red & Green:

  • Finger buffets; for parties & funerals
  • Chilled Fork buffets; for informal dining where your guests need a more substantial meal at a lower cost
  • Hot chilled fork buffets; offering a wider choice of options for informal dining
  • Bowl food; great for informal parties on cold evenings
  • CanapĂ©s; serve hot or chilled & great for cocktail parties or corporate events & networking
  • Mini sliders & triple cooked rosemary fries; Good for parties or corporate events
  • Breakfasts: chilled options, or a cooked English breakfast; ideal for networking events or business meetings
  • BBQs; great for Parties or special occasions
  • Formal dining; weddings or other special occasions

Recent Blog Posts

Please book early to save money on an expensive "over subscribed" resturant for your christmas party - simply order from us to deliver a fantastic hand made fork buffet. We have some great menus either off the shelf (website) or ask us to design one for your specifications - Our food arrives on white china platters for great presentation with crockery & cutlery. We can also do a hot & chilled options, (keeping the hot food hot in hotel style chafing dishes). Various flexible options to tailor make your ideal christmas party, why not: employ waiting staff to make the event go stress free or opt to self serve, bring your own drinks to further save your hard earnt (and ask us to provde the glassware), or ask for a mobile bar hire for the ideal stress free party.

It's that time of year when we have either stuck religiously to our diets or prepared to make some serious compromises’, we've all heard the research that red wine & dark chocolate is good for us, even if it's just to make us a bit happier. We reason that everything in moderation is a good thing and our take on this is to devise a simple "naughty but nice platter" of fresh fruit with our homemade triple chocolate & raspberry brownies. We are not kidding anyone with the brownies, clearly not part of "your 5 a day". However with 50% fruit and 50% brownies it's a little of what you fancy - why deny yourself!

Images of this platter can be found on our facebook site

Thankfully we as a nation have moved on since the classic cheese on a stick with a pickled onion or sad little vol au vent. We do however still like the traditional, we just would like it made better, good providence (or know where your ingredients come from) is now a good value we look for when choosing our food. We like to see plenty of fresh colours with our food, rather than the standard brown offerings sadly still offered.
We are also partial to a bit of taste, with handmade sauces for the extra love. With these thoughts in mind we constantly evolve our menus to new ideas, seasons and influences. The lastest traditional nibbles buffet we have worked on delivers on all of these fronts;

Buffet sandwiches - well this British invention has lasted the test of time since the Earl of Sandwich famously wanted a quick snack during a game of cards, so thankfully sandwiches stay on the menu. We have however worked on a good wide range of fillings that tick all of the boxes already mentioned. Veggie or vegan sandwiches can easily be accommodated, labelled and put on separate platters, we will of course make these sandwiches broadly appealing so there is no waste. We use veggie cheese & our pesto is handmade and can be made without parmesan (which isn't a veggie cheese).

Cajun chicken goujons - slightly spicy & deliver on flavour
Caramelised red onion marmalade & lincolnshire pork sausage rolls - really could not get rid of sausage rolls, we just made them better
Handcrafted mini quiches - these tasty little fellas are delicious, we mix up the fillings, from smoked salmon & mascarpone, to our take on a ploughman's lunch with pickle, cherry tomato & mature English cheddar
Basil Bocconcini & cherry tomato skewers - going a little off piste with this tasty little take on the Italian Caprese salad on a skewer!
A medley of handmade mini pizzas, more from the Italians, but pizza always works, we tend to top ours with creamy mushroom, cherry tomato, mozzarella & a creamy mushroom.
Tortellini pasta skewers with sun dried tomato & bocconcini - we infuse the pasta with a lemon olive oil just for extra flavour, just delicious
Dipping sauces, we use saffron aioli & sweet Thai chili sauce, the saffron aioli is handmade, whilst the we tend to buy in good quality sweet Thai chilli sauce as they both work well with this buffet.