If you love flavour, you will love our BBQs; rustic style, handcrafted tastes, aromas and the theatre of cooking. Great for most social occasions, with a BBQ and a chef there we can design the menu so that there is something for everyone. 



Simple and Traditional
Handcrafted burgers with Broiche
selection of toppings; Red Leicester cheese - caramelised onions - buttermilk onion rings - saffron aioli - tomato - baby gem
Halloumi burgers with Brioche (v)
Mac & cheese (v)
Paprika potato wedges
Summer slaw
Leafy salad with French dressing

As with all of our menus the choices can be changed to suit your preferences, feel free to contact us and ask for a menu to be made around your ideas or ask to meet the chef. That way we can work on the details and you can taste some of the choices before you confirm the final choices.


Surf and Turf
Slow cooked Sirloin steak cooked to medium rare then cooked to order over coals
Argentinian style chimichurri sauce
Peppercorn sauce
Dolcelatte sauce
Salmon fillet with pesto
Paprika seasoned wedges
Celeriac remoulade
Tuscan style Panzanella salad with fennel rustic croutons
Please ask for veggie options & alternatives
Tarte au citron with mint mascarpone cream
Eton mess cheesecake

Surf and turf style BBQ is a real crowd pleaser, the steak is seared over coals, then slow cooked to medium rare, sliced & cooked to order. A selection of classic sauces to accompany the steak or as an alternative Salmon fillet with pesto, which will work well with all of the other choices  

The BBQ banquet
Texas style BBQ Beef Brisket - slow cooked
Smoky Bourbon pulled pork - slow cooked
Mac & cheese (v)
Roasted peppers with basil mayonnaise
Paprika wedges
Beetroot & celeriac remoulade
Tuscan style panzanella salad with fennel croutons
Gourmet rolls & chive butter
White chocolate & raspberry cheese cake
Tarte au citron & mint mascarpone cream
Fruit salad & cream

The Banquet is inspired by American style BBQs, packed with rustic big flavours, this style of BBQ will cover most preferences and is ideal if you are looking for something a bit different for a large event such as a wedding