Business Catering

Sandwich Buffet

Please ask for a filling list if you are unsure or trust us to ensure you have a wide variety of fillings £3.60 per head

Buffet Sandwiches & Wraps £4.60 per head

Buffet Sandwiches, Wraps & Fruit £6.10 per head

Simple Rustic style & mini buffets
Mini buffet; 4 to 7 person £49.90
Mini buffet plus - ideal for small groups of 7 to 9 people - a mixture of handcrafted nibbles and sandwiches £67.50
Rustic style buffet - an economical "simple nibbles" & sandwiches buffet £4.90 per head min order 9 people


A range of small business style buffets, ideal for small office meetings, the mini buffets are with sandwiches and nibbles inclusive, whilst the rustic style is a low cost simple buffet with simple nibbles (please enquire for details) and is designed for larger groups of 10 or more 

Team meeting buffet
Buffet sandwiches
Southern style chicken goujons
Handcrafted mini quichettes - various fillings - can be totally veggie if required - please ask
Sausage rolls
Samosas (v)
Spring Rolls (v)
Filo cups filled with mini Greek salads (v) - other fillings are available such as mini prawn cocktail etc - please ask
Crostini topped with pizza style tomato sauce - pesto - roasted peppers - mozzarella - & cherry tomatoes (v)
dill pancake roulades with smoked salmon & cream cheese
mozzarella (bocconcini) balls with pesto & cherry tomato (v)
Have this option with fruit juices and mineral water for £7.75 per head (min order 10)
Or without drinks for £7.15 per head (min order 10)


The team meeting buffet like all of our buffets can be adjusted to suit preferences and tastes, the buffet is ideal for larger events, of 10 or over. For large corporate events we can offer more bespoke menus, please enquire about details. All of our orders go out on white china platters unless specified or not practical. We do this as the China keeps the chilled food chilled for longer, the platters get collected on the next visit, which is better on the enviroment and the presentation is far better than disposables which can vary in style 


Nice Little Extras
Fruit & Cherry black forest brownies (50/50) £1.70 per head
Just fruit £1.50 per head
Chocolate Cinnamon swirls £1.50 per head
Hot beverages with crockery POA with have a min order with hot beverages
Uniformed waiting staff POA
Chilled fruit juice & mineral water £0.85 per head (333ml per person)
Or by the carton £1.75 each - all drinks are subject to VAT
Medium sized crisp bowl - suitable for groups of between 5 & 9 - £9.90
Large sized crisp bowl - suitable for groups of between 9 - 18 - £14
black forest cherry brownies & strawberries £2.10