Gluten free

Wheat intolerance is quite common these days & easily managed with a bit of planning we can provide some delicious wheat free alternative options. However, just to take that one step further; we also thought we would put a few ideas for menus as in most cases it tends to be just a few people who have a wheat intolerance (or would just prefer to go wheat free). Below are a few ideas that work well on there own or with various other styles of buffets or formal dining 

Gluten free finger buffets
Gluten free bread sandwiches
Asian style chicken skewer with courgette ribbon ribbon
Pear dolcelatte & prosciutto wraps
Cherry tomato pickle & cheddar mini tarts (using gluten free flour)
Bocconcini pesto skewers with a sun blush tomato & an olive
Sweet potato pea & onion bhajees
Little gem prawn cocktail cups
optional extras
Exotic fruit skewers with raspberry coulis
Strawberries dipped in chocolate & coconut

Gluten free need not be hard work or "difficult" you can have the entire buffet as a Gluten free option, or you can cherry pick a few and ask that they are on separate platters with labels for your guests. Very straightforward & simple, just ask 

Gluten free canapes
Spring onion & potato cakes topped with smoked salmon creme fraiche & dill
Skewered thyme roasted chicken wrapped in pancetta with a cherry tomato
mascarpone & pesto tomato bombs
Bocconcini with sun dried tomato & basil leaf
Cucumber ribbon cups with Thai style crab
nutty bang bang chicken in a little gem cup with chilli
Sweet potato blini with a raita & mango stuffed courgette ribbon
Chimichurri king prawns skewers with mangetout
Prosciutto wrapped fig skewers
Strawberry & pistachio mini pavloas
Black Forest brownies made with coconut flour
Lavender kisses (Seasonally available)
Gluten free formal dining